1. Global MetroMonitor | Brookings Institution
  2. JFKII-The Bush Connection - YouTube
  3. William Casey
  1. Raoul Pal "The End Game" - Business Insider
  2. 2012 and 2013 Will Usher In The End
  3. The End Game

Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL
Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL
Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL

Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL
Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL
Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL

Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL
Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL
Science Images of 2012 - SPIEGEL

The 'Sistine Chapel of rock art' uncovered by Australian achaeologists 
Aboriginal erotic rock art proves that  even 28,000 years ago men had ONE thing on their minds 
Rock of ages: Australia's oldest artwork found | guardian.co.uk

  1. Investors Bet Quantum Technology Will Make the Internet Faster, Better and Stronger
  2. Best of 2012: First Teleportation from One Macroscopic Object to Another
  3. The Top Energy Technologies of 2012 | MIT Technology Review
  1. LTE: The two-speed Europe - SPIEGEL
  2. Derivatives provide financial crisis situation as experts fear - SPIEGEL
  3. Blowing Up: The Transfer Of French Nuclear Technology To China
  4. Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Mercy! Isn’t a Late Day Selloff Illegal?
  5. Near-Record Drop in Italy Retail Sales; French Retail Sales Drop 9th Consecutive Month

  1. Japan Manufacturing PMI Downturn Accelerates; Output and New Orders Suffer Sharpest Contractions
  2. Social Trap in Spain: Mortgage Nightmare; Why Spain is Guaranteed to Leave Euro
  3. Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Lock Congress Up Until They Deal?
  4. Kindle Paperwhite z podświetlanym ekranem i wydajnym akumulatorem
  5. How the Kindle Paperwhite Works - Graphic - NYTimes.com

  1. As Fiscal Deadline Looms, Path to Deal Remains Unclear - NYTimes
  2. K. Rybiński: Polskę czeka recesja i podwyżki podatków - WP.PL
  3. K. Rybiński: Polskę czeka recesja i podwyżki - WP.TV
  4. Pierwszy ekran IGZO… w telefonie | multi-blog.pl
  5. IGZO - Indium gallium zinc oxide - Wikipedia
  6. Apple Investigating Thinner, Lower Power IGZO Displays
  7. US Mac mini production, IGZO to be default displays

  1. What will your next body be like? | KurzweilAI
  2. Advanced humanoid Roboy to be ‘born’ in nine months | KurzweilAI
  3. ROBOY: Tendon Driven Humanoid Robot - YouTube
  4. LiveLeak.com - commercial Diver and a Turtle
World GDP     $62 Trillion
World Debt   $200 Trillion  over 300%
World Black    $67 Trillion 
  1. US Hits Debt Ceiling Limit on December 31; Geithner Unveils Treasury Plan to Buy More Time
  2. Mad, Mad World; Japan Prime Minister Unveils "Crisis Beating" Cabinet
  3. World Debt Clocks
  4. U.S. National Debt Clock
  5. GDP | The Economist
  6. IMF DataMapper
  7. World GDP - IndexQ.org
  8. https://www.cia.gov/GDP
  9. U.S. Government National Debt
  10. UVIC 2012: Kyle Bass - YouTube

  1. iPhone Achieves Highest Ever U.S. Market Share
  2. Glimmer of Hope for PC Industry in 2013
  3. Jaguar Pulls Plug On C-X75 Supercar
  4. U.S. wants to sell South Korea spy drone
  5. South Korea wants to buy U.S. drones
  1. Trains: China opened the world's longest high-speed rail 
  2. Made high-speed rail in OPERATION OF - SPIEGEL - China
  3. Rare earths: China extended production shutdown - SPIEGEL
  4. Iran: official complained Virus attacks on industrial facilities 
  5. Low-cost, transparent, flexible, light solar cells | KurzweilAI

  1. Monti presents master plan for Italy's rescue - SPIEGEL 
  2. A Microsoft Research Project Offloads GPS Data and Calculations to the Cloud to Save Battery Life
  3. Julie Larson-Green, the Executive in Charge of Windows 8 at Microsoft Who Just Took Over from Steven Sinofsky
  1. Best of 2012: The First $1M Electric Supercar: Video - Bloomberg
  2. Rimac Automobili Concept_One in action - teaser - YouTube
  3. Concept_One Exterior design - Rimac Automobili
  1. Tesla Motors | Premium Electric Vehicles
  2. Model X | Tesla Motors
  3. 2013 Model S Price

  1. GEAB N°70 is available! 2013, the first steps in a chaotic “world after”
  2. Bank of Japan Holdings of Japanese Government Bonds Exceeds 100 Trillion Yen for First Time
  3. Kyle Bass on the End of the Debt Supercycle and a Coming Massive Devaluation of the Yen
  4. Arms deal between Russia and India on state visit by Putin - SPIEGEL
  5. 2012 Year in Pictures: Part III  - Boston.com

  1. Improving safety in Iraq | Features | Press | BP
  2. Android in 2013: What to expect | Android - CNET
  3. Tiny gold bars latest rage for jittery investors | Reuters
  4. Wealthy in Switzerland, Austria and Germany lining up to buy the gold

  1. MIT researchers discover a new kind of magnetism | KurzweilAI
  2. IMF calls for direct assistance to Cypriot banks - SPIEGEL ONLINE
  3. Euro crisis: Why Cyprus for Merkel is more dangerous than Greece
  4. Kirch process: prosecutors seek evidence against German bank - SPIEGEL
  5. Congressional Spending Problem in Easy to Understand Format
  6. India developing own OS to boost cybersecurity | ZDNet
  7. Windows 8 leads with tiles, apps, sync - CNET

  1. First map of how the brain organizes everything we see | KurzweilAI
  2. EU lets Catholic Church off its billion-euro tax bill - Europe - World - The Independent
  3. The Saudi prince whose flying palace has it all - Middle East - World - The Independent
  4. Private quarters: Four luxury family and VIP suites and a prayer room that - The Independent
  5. Samsung preps 5.5-inch flexible phone screen for CES demo | CES 2013
  6. Samsung pushes ahead with $3.9 billion chip production investment
  7. Samsung to Offer Better Battery Option For Galaxy S III

  1. UVIC 2012: A Conversation with Kyle Bass - YouTube
  2. Russian warships head toward Syria - latimes.com
  3. Russia Sends Warships Toward Syria for Possible Evacuation - NYTimes
  4. Russia Sends Navy Squadron to Mediterranean - ABC News
  5. Foxconn reportedly 'testing' Apple TVs of up to 55 inches | Apple
  6. Samsung Acquires SSD Tech Developer Nvelo
  7. Testosterone Pit - Home - A Revolt Against Corporate Welfare Programs For Multinationals In France
  8. Reserve Bank of Australia Admits 99.9% of Australia's Gold Reserves are held at the Bank of England
  9. Earlier cancer diagnosis by detecting biomarkers in urine | KurzweilAI
  10. Energy-efficient computer memory using magnetic materials | KurzweilAI
  1. World Economic Situation and Prospects 2013 - UNITED NATION
  2. Uno warnt vor Rückfall in globale Rezession - SPIEGEL
  3. Testosterone Pit - Japan’s NO EXIT Strategy
  1. 2000-year-old scroll of the Ten Commandments
  2. The Dead Sea Scrolls - Featured Scrolls
  3. Tissue engineering at MIT: where it’s going | KurzweilAI
  4. A powerful microscale actuator for microrobotics and drug delivery | KurzweilAI
  5. IBM reveals five innovations that will change our lives within five years | KurzweilAI
  6. Nvidia Tegra 4 processor details leaked | ZDNet
  7. Intel 'Haswell' processor lineup for 2013 | ZDNet

  1. DARPA wants to build 100Gbps wireless military network - CNET
  2. Nokia on the edge: Inside an icon's fight for survival - CNET
  3. Angry Birds and Rovio's plans for world domination - CNET
  1. Flush with your smartphone: Toilets get Bluetooth - CNET
  2. Only in Japan: a smartphone-controlled toilet - Geek.com
  3. Android-controlled smart toilet - Xiamen


  1. Settlements: Israel pushed construction of homes in East Jerusalem 
  2. Automated Meat Processing Plant Without a Soul in Sight - YouTube
  3. Italy: Berlusconi is engaged to 28-year-old - SPIEGEL ONLINE
  4. NASA brings Grail probes Ebb and Flow on the moon to crash
  5. Egypt: Pharaoh Ramses III. was throats slit - SPIEGEL
  6. What Can be Automated, Will be Automated
  7. Readers Share Their Student Debt Reasons

  1. Banking regulation: Fed pivots on Basel III course to - SPIEGEL
  2. Mark Carney hints at need for radical action - Telegraph
  3. Has America got it in for British banks? - Telegraph
  4. Car Sales Plunge 20.1% in Italy, 20.3% in Spain, 19.2% in France
  5. High-frequency traders use 50-year-old wireless tech | ITworld
  6. Human Barbie I'll be spending £18,000 on my kids this Christmas, including more plastic surgery vouchers for my 8-year-old girl
  7. Wiernych ubywa, świątyń przybywa. Jak to możliwe? A.Ryfiński: Kościół jest bogaty dzięki wpływom z budżetu 
    Thai Arabica beans are picked from an altitude of 1500 meters (about 5000 feet) and fed to the elephants.
   "Once deposited by the elephants, the individual beans are handpicked by mahouts (elephant trainer and care giver) and their wives and sun dried."

  1. MediaTek’s MT6589 Chip Will Lower the Cost of High-End Smartphones | MIT Technology Review
  2. Interview with Julie Larson-Green, the Executive in Charge of Windows 8 at Microsoft | MIT
  3. Quantum Imaging Technique Heralds Unjammable Aircraft Detection | MIT
  4. What Google Sees in New Hire, Futurist Ray Kurzweil | MIT
  5. Photo Essay: Curiosity’s Mission to Mars | MIT
  6. Quad-core, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0: 2012
  7. KINAO -CORE 10.1 DUAL 3G

Red Bull Rampage
Alaskan Snow Day
Searching for Slater
Red Bull Skylines

Syria - SAA jet bomb
Multiple rollover accident
Russian tourists opened
Waking up with a bang
  1. Patologiczne efekty działalności EBC
  2. Przedłużanie agonii Grecji - Wideo
  3. Parodia Tusk-Sikorski - YouTube
  4. Calm.com
  1. Eurozone agrees on common bank regulator - CNN
  2. Crazy Incentives in Welfare System; The Welfare Cliff
  3. Google, Microsoft 'challenged' vs. Apple, says Goldman Sachs
  4. Satelita Kima "koziołkuje bez kontroli". Spadnie na Ziemię

  1. Bernanke Will Flood U.S. With Dollars In QE4. Now, He Needs Uncle Sam's Help - Forbes
  2. Sen. Jim DeMint ~ Ben Bernanke’s QE3 Is Actually ‘QE4-Ever’ | Shift Frequency
  3. Utopia Juice: Bernanke Hints QE3 (or QE4) - 24/7 Wall St.
  4. Market wants QE4. Fed should say no. - The Buzz 
  1. QE4: Fed Announces Increase of $45 Billion in UNSTERILIZED Monthly Treasury Purchases!
  2. Watch Bernanke’s Press Conference LIVE at 2:15pm EST | SilverDoctors.com
  3. Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Exit Strategy? What Exit Strategy?
  4. Mark Carney, Incoming Governor of the Bank of England

  1. | 100 Year Starship™
  2. | 100YSS® 2012 Public Symposium
  3. Uploaded e-crews for interstellar missions | KurzweilAI
  1. Space bursts provide insight to Theory of Everything | KurzweilAI
  2. Space Bursts Provide Insight to Theory of Everything | Gamma-Ray Bursts 
  3. Is Russia's Robotic Space Program Headed for a Renaissance?
  4. North Korea carries out controversial rocket launch - CNN
  5. N. Korea shouts 'look at me' with rocket - CNN
  1. Secretive X-37B space plane ready for next flight - CNET
  2. Futuristic handcuffs would administer shocks, drugs - CNET
  3. No password is safe from this new 25-GPU computer cluster - CNET
  4. World risks fresh credit bubble, Switzerland's BIS warns - Telegraph
  5. Worldwide Gmail, Chrome crash caused by sync server error | ZDNet
  6. Samsung is beating Apple in sales of 'smart connected devices' | ZDNet
  7. Changing the Face of War: U.S. Militarizing Space | Global Research

  1. Incredibly Easy to Balance Budget Without Repealing Obamacare and Without Fiscal Cliff Tax Hikes
  2. Make Your Own Deficit-Reduction Plan - WSJ.com
  3. Bank of England Warns of Global Currency Wars
  4. BoE's King warns of growing currency competition | Reuters
  5. Reformen von Monti und was unter Berlusconi droht - SPIEGEL
  6. ThyssenKrupp makes five billion euro loss - SPIEGEL ONLINE
  7. Syria: regime Middle transmitter published Enthauptungsvideo

  1. IBM ‘silicon nanophotonics’ breakthrough integrates optical and electrical circuits | KurzweilAI
  2. Nanostructured ‘sandwich’ boosts solar-cell efficiency almost three times | KurzweilAI
  3. Silver nanocubes make super-light-absorbers | KurzweilAI
  1. Quantum computing goes mainstream? New VC fund debuts - CNET
  2. IBM research honcho: From the Pentagon to the 'toy shop' - CNET
  3. Tablets at CES 2013: Packing in those pixels - CNET

  1. Optical Components | GameSpasm
  2. IBM’s light chips could save data centers from bandwidth traffic jams
  3. IBM pushes silicon photonics with on-chip optics - CNET

  1. The wake of Typhoon Bopha: Philippines
  2. Britain's new heart of darkness: Are we kick-starting another bloody war amid Africa's latest gold rush? | Mail Online
  3. Japanese eat more meat, fewer vegetables than decade ago: official data | The Japan Times Online
  4. Pearl Harbor 2.0 | TIME.com
  1. Rewolucja w żarówkach - niskie rachunki i idealne światło
  2. BBC News - Plastic bulb development promises better quality light
  3. Field-induced polymer electroluminescent (FIPEL) lights don’t flicker, shatter, or burn out - Laser Focus World
  4. Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on electron injection and charge generation in AC field-induced polymer electroluminescence

  1. Loss of income caused by banks as bad as a 'world war', says BoE's Andrew Haldane - Telegraph
  2. Former HBOS chairman admits bank was guilty of 'a lot of mistaken lending' - Telegraph

  1. Chauvet Cave
  2. Lascaux Cave
  3. Niaux Cave
  4. Cosquer Cave

  1. Could synthetic fuels eliminate entire US need for crude oil, create ‘new economy’?
  2. NASA investigates use of graphene for new sensors | KurzweilAI
  3. Golden Spike aims to return humans to the Moon | KurzweilAI
  4. Wearable silicon solar cells may soon become possible
  1. Lascaux 00
  2. Lascaux 01
  3. Lascaux 02
  4. Lascaux 06
  1. France Unemployment Rate Hits 10.3%, Youth Unemployment at Record High 24.9%
  2. To how many countries will negative interest rates spread? - QFinance
  3. U.K. convicts Anonymous member 'Nerdo' for DDoS attack - CNET
  4. Holocaust ash painter reported to the police - The Local

  1. Is Austerity, Shrinking Wages, and Firing of Public Workers a Bad Thing? One Eastern-European Country's Real-Time Experience
  2. ECB Leaves Rates Unchanged, Significantly Downgrades 2013 Economic Forecast; Is Italy Falling Into the Abyss?
  3. Commissioner Rehn sees turnaround in the euro crisis - Spiegel Online
  4. U.S. now 'totally unified' in opposition of U.N. Internet governance | ZDNet
  1. Zamrażają ich ciała, by potem przywrócić je do życia
  2. KrioRus | the first cryonics company in Eurasia
  3. Крионирование животных | KrioRus
  4. Cryonics: Alcor Life Extension Foundation

  1. NASA | Earth at Night - YouTube
  2. Earth's nighttime glow as seen from space
  3. The Earth at night - CNET News
  4. NASA satellite images of Earth at night
  5. Nasa reveals new night shots of Earth
  1. Forget about the Mars rover -- how about we build a Death Star? - CNET
  2. Zeus botnet steals $47M from European bank customers | Security & Privacy - CNET
  3. Szczelinowanie suche - nowa metoda wydobywania gazu łupkowego - WP.PL
  4. High-energy physicists smash records for network data transfer | KurzweilAI
  5. Exploding killer plasmonic nanobubbles! | KurzweilAI
  6. ThyssenKrupp throws out three top managers - SPIEGEL
  7. Government Defaults In The Eurozone

  1. NASA - NASA Mars Rover Fully Analyzes First Soil Samples
  2. How to build a million-qubit quantum computer | KurzweilAI
  3. Most of the harmful mutations in people arose in the past 5,000 to 10,000 years
  1. U.S., U.K. caught in middle of huge Swiss spy data leak  - CNET
  2. Apple looks to double its N.C. biogas fuel cell farm | Apple - CNET
  3. New Mac malware spreading from Dalai Lama tribute site  - CNET
  4. Some iMacs labeled 'Assembled in USA,' teardown shows  - CNET
  5. The Weather Modification | rezn8d.com
  6. The Radiation Database | rezn8d.com
  7. Earth Captured From a Paraglider

  1. Bell-Labs-Style Research Center Aims to Cut Electric-Vehicle Battery Costs by 80 Percent | MIT Technology Review
  2. A 3-D Optogenetics Chip Developed at the MIT Media Lab Promises Better Control of the Brain | MIT Technology Review
  3. A Light Bulb with a Computer and Projector Inside from the MIT Media Lab Augments Reality | MIT Technology Review
  4. Leap Motion Readies Gesture Control to Challenge the Touch Screen in Laptops, Tablets, and Phones | MIT Technology Rev
  5. Mish's: More Nannycrat Insanity: EU Wants to Ban Youth Unemployment
  6. Największe wiatraki świata powstały w Polsce
  7. Curiosity znalazł na Marsie związki organiczne

  1. Creating 3D brain tissues in a lab dish | KurzweilAI
  2. Preserving the self for later emulation: what brain features do we need? | KurzweilAI
  3. A step toward creating a bio-robot hybrid | KurzweilAI
  4. Smartphone and tablet will have 48 cores: Intel
  1. World Debt Clocks
  2. George Papandreou's mother 'linked to €550 million Swiss bank account' - Telegraph
  3. Swiss Capital Controls Escalate As Credit Suisse Sets Negative CHF Deposit Rates | ZeroHedge
  4. Trends in College Tuition vs. Bachelor’s Degree Wages; Interesting Demographics of Student Loan Debt History

  1. BBC News - Super Hi-Vision 8K TV standard approved by UN agency
  2. The future of TV as seen in Super Hi-Vision | The Verge
  3. World's First 8K Ultra High Definition Display - YouTube

  1. National Geographic Photo Contest 2012: Part II
  2. Japan Manufacturing Contracts at Sharpest Rate for 19 Months; New Orders and Output Plunge; Watch the Yen
  3. Italy Retail Sales Sharpest Drop in 17 Months; Germany Retail Sales Stagnate as Margins Squeezed
  4. Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Important New Legal Principle
  5. Multi-million gold heist from Curacao boat
  6. West Point chapel to host first same-sex marriage
  7. Watch the X-47B make its first catapult take-off

  1. Reaction Engines Limited
  2. Reaction Engines - SKYLON
  3. Reaction Engines - Image Library
  1. Implantable silk optics tissue improves imaging, enables photothermal therapy, drug delivery/monitoring | KurzweilAI
  2. This radical discovery could turn semiconductor manufacture inside out | KurzweilAI
  3. Giant black hole could upset galaxy evolution models | KurzweilAI
  4. Remco van den Bosch on the giant black hole in the galaxy NGC 1277 - YouTube
  5. Wall Street Daily | These Three Currencies Are Set for a Massive Upward Revaluation
  6. Izrael zezwoli na budowę 3 tys. nowych domów na ziemiach okupowanych - Konflikty - WP.PL
  7. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers taking bids to build complex for Israeli Air Force - CNN.com

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